Welcome to the Jungle

"This is about one of those days that I’d always be able to recall with vivid and up close personal details, right from the moment when I was shocked to see the party invitation pass titled “Welcome to the Jungle” on a hot and sultry afternoon, rather extremely unsuitable for parties, followed by the wildness for hours and the aftermath of laughter next morning."
"Jungle, really – Is that supposed to boost your sickening morale in some way - booze to get of the best of you?"
"In a way – yes, I know it sounds kind of gross but it’s hard to explain why we, knowingly or unknowingly wait for a release. These people were colleagues yes – but the hours in office together, sharing the same creepy frustration of dreaming bugs, had formed a connection between us."

"Oh! No need to be so defensive, they are your friends after all. I can understand – it’s a guy thing, but at least make some sense when choosing a time and place? No?"

"As a matter of fact, yes I thought that too. Trust me when I say you really don’t want to party in that extreme weather in a shabby place with just couple of bowling lanes, pool tables and a humble discotheque with earsplitting music."

"Then why did you?"

"I didn’t – they did. It is a collective decision – sort of a pact that says you can join the group at your own free will, but you can’t say no. There was a common take that guys and girls in the team, well we all were a little younger and more energetic back then quite opposed to the old hags we are now – and it seemed to be the right thing to do."

"So did that actually happen?"

"What do you mean?"

"About your motive of knowing each other, of course."

"Oh! Yes, that was successful to a great extent."

"Over uncontrolled booze and the person next to you were out of earshot from deafening music – who are you kidding?"

"Well, I admit it wasn’t courteous. It was rather a different form of socializing? I saw someone holding a girl’s hand pulling her to dance floor, someone snatching the microphone from the disk jockey to propose to a newlywed, someone offering a drink or someone simply shedding tears after a lost love – you know what I mean."

"That is your idea of knowing a girl or impressing a girl – tell me honestly." 

"I’d say it bared a lot of our true self, took out that fine sugarcoating of politeness and mannerism around us. There was no air of pretense and we were following own free spirit."

"In which case, calling it lousy would be an understatement."
"Well, I was just trying to be poetic – speaking figuratively."

"Yeah right and those wretched girls in your party had something different in mind for you lot."

"Well, I’d not know if they did. But finally we ended in a happy note. That was something to look forward to."

"You want me to believe after all that?"

"It became fairly funny the next morning. It turned out that one, who asked that girl for a dance, virtually did so to every girl in the party, which sort of diluted the offense and the girls took it sportingly. One, who had proposed over the microphone, eventually lost his shirt to dance bare chest at the center of the dance floor and was forgiven since he was clearly far from sober. One, who offered drink to everybody, ended up tipping five hundred bucks to the cab driver that took him home. The last guy was literally lifted by his friends and carried home. He couldn’t remember any of it, of course, and called up his friends to confirm what exactly happened but his friends haven’t told him till date that he vomited so much so that they had to clean the cab after stopping by a local pond."

"And where were you amidst all this?"

"Clearly the only one in right frame of mind and possession of senses to have gone through all this, make a note of all the little things and remember the same over years."

"You know that I know when you’re lying, right?"

"Well, I know that you’d rather know my secrets than catch me lying."

"That too", she said looking at the piece of piece paper that came out of a book while cleaning few minutes back before the conversation followed. Her eyes sparkled with mischief.
Welcome to the Jungle (Party ticket)


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