Gift Ideas Challenged!

Alert: A conversation between two married men on gift ideas. Read if you love your woman. If you don't, read all the same. 

"I gave something to my wife as an early birthday present. Can you guess what it is?"
"Umm, well I probably can, but why do you ask?"
"Well, because I am sure you will find this quite a bit of challenge.You would love a brain teaser, won't you?"
"I do, but it's just a hobby that I love puzzles. It's not big deal, mate. All of us run out of options when it comes to choosing a gift for a woman. It is a common trait in married men." 
"Yep - I don’t disagree and that's why I want to challenge your gift ideas. I'm quite sure that this will give you some food of thought and then who says it won't do good to you in some way? As married men, it is our moral responsibility to watch each others' back when time comes, isn't it?" 
"(Nods approvingly) Okay - lets give it a shot then, but at least give me some hints so that I can guess."
"I already did, didn't I? It's a birthday present, it is something that is genuinely unique."
"Okay, fine. So does she like it?"
"Oh! Of course she likes it. Anything that costs me a dearly – she would love it for no other reason. Love expressions, in married couples, comes with a handsome price tag, my dear."
"Ah! Okay – and was this gift, something very personal?"
"Well, more than you can imagine, I'd say."
"Ah! So I guess not a dress or some jewellery then, for sure –"
 (Nods approving)
"(continues)...because a dress would be quite a common gift now. Is it more like some fancy expensive underclothing that they are bringing on to Indian market to provoke the male libido further?"
"Shit no! Not that personal – personal. If it was, I won't be asking you to guess. And I told you – a birthday gift, not an anniversary gift, didn't I?"
"Okay...(ponders). A book but no – that won’t cost you dearly, some electronic gadget won’t be that intimate. (Scratches head) I give up, can’t think of something that would fit in."
"Damn! I thought you, of all people, would be able to come up with something close."
"Well, clearly I can't - any last hints?"
"One last - it doesn't come with privilege of exchange in any case."
"Huh! And it is not clothes or jewelery or electronics?"
(smiles proudly) "Nops."
"Okay! Enough said - tell me what is it? I give up."
"A tooth."
"A tooth?"
 "Yes, a tooth."
(Looks up weirdly)
"(Nods) Yes, an artificial tooth on her lower jaw line. She lost part of her original tooth long back. I gifted her with a new one – these things are so blessed with technology that she would be actually able to use it to chew".
"Sick man, you paid for your wife’s medical expenses and you're calling that a gift?"
"Hell no. It wasn’t hurting her or anything. When she showed it to me, I asked what did she want – and she said she simply wanted to get rid of it if it hurt. But I didn’t stop there. Technology has evolved so much that now they can effective replace one tooth, which one would be able to use as good as other ones."
"You call this intimate?"
"Well, it stays with her all the time. She can’t deny it."
"And she loves it?"
"Well, this cost me couple of thousand bucks. She'd wear it proudly, tell others about it. You know women."
"Yeah! When it boils down to that I know that I don’t know everything."
"Don't we all?"

PS - No disrespect meant to women. I love my wife a lot. 


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