The three P’s

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda, and this weekend your post should begin with, ’5..4..3..2..1..’. A continuation with the ‘Blogger & the bugger’ narrative style, I have been using for some time, of late, this is purely a work of fiction.

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“5..4..3..2..1.. – thump – thump – thump.” 

“What now?”

“You said 5 seconds more.”

“Yeah, right. Don’t have to take words for it!”

“There isn’t time to be rhetoric either. So open the damn door and make way!”

“I can’t.”

“What do you mean by you can’t? You said you will.”

“Do you always realize involuntary muscles of your body doesn’t quite follow the orders of your brain?”

“Yeah, preaching to the pope, are you? Don’t forget you are talking to the man whom you have put through unspeakable misery for last fifteen minutes.”

“I am sorry brother.”

“Hell with your sorry and your brotherhood – I don’t need them. I just need to use the loo.”

“Dam, why do you need to need to use it at the same time?”

“Because the resources are limited – there are two only for seventy two passengers in this coach and given the undulations of this superfast, I can not move to the next compartment.”

“Why don’t you just open the door and do it?”

“What nonsense?”

“I mean doing it in the loo won’t make it way hygienic than that – it’s going to pollute the train track only.”

“Enough of your nonsense, will you stop? The torque of the moving body can apply a rather complicated trajectory on any object projected from it and god knows what inconsequence it may have.”

“Seems you have given it quite a bit of thought, my friend?”

“What do you think I have been doing for last fifteen minutes?”

“Doing math was the last thing, I would have imagined.”

“Yeah whatever, when part of your body is working in 5.92 horsepower – mind starts to overwork!”

“Wow, you can measure your bowel pressure in horsepower?”

“Surely you can – it’s a unit of power or rate of work done, named so after James Watt compared steam engine outputs to horses.”

“Wow man, a real eye opener!” (A sound of surging water is heard)

“Is that you using the commode flush!”

“Yeah man, I am done. It’s nice to meet you. I am a poet.”

“Likewise, I am a physicist.”

“Figured as such.” (door opens and the man inside offers his hand to shake but the one going in refuses) “As your wish –”

(Goes in and shuts the door)

“You know what? I have learnt a lot from you today – so I will give you a word of advice.”

“What now?”

“There are three P’s that you can never suppress in your life.”

“Oh! yeah?”

“Passion, potty and promises that you have deep within to do something.”

“Why say that now?”

“Well, I can’t believe I am saying this – but it remains a fact that it was your impeccable knowledge that helped me reach a conclusion.”

“Conclusion to what?”

“The poetry I was writing in my mind. It won’t complete without the right word.”

“Dam you! You were writing a silly poem when I couldn’t hold my composure? Just wait till I come out.”

“Don’t blame me – you were calculating complicated math too. It is not what we do but what we are underneath that defines us!”

“You piece of junk Mr Poet, just let me come out and it would be the last poem you have ever written.”

“Take a chill pill until next time you are in the same situation. You denied to shake hands, I doubt you remember my face, Mr Physicist.”


kalpana solsi said...

Funny. a poet and a psychicist.

Abhra said...

Thank you Kalpana :)

Anonymous said...

He he he, couldn't stop chuckling all my way through this sure you thought up of it in the loo yourself :D

Abhra said...

He he, there is a long story behind it. But I have borrowed the punchline from one of my close friends, who used to say it very often :) I am glad you like it.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha..Funny indeed and sometimes I feel such scenes are common in INdian Railways.. :-P

Abhra said...

Thanks Harsha, yes I believe they are fairly common :D

C Suresh said...

Ha! What a place for a poet and a physicist to hold a conference :)

Abhra said...

He he, yes - quite unlikely - but gets interesting in their own domain, doesn't it?

preethi said...

:) nice one...

Abhra said...

He he, thanks :)

Pawan Hegde said...

The dialogue is really engaging. I could actually feel the pressure building up. Congratulations on being shortlisted by blogadda again :)

Abhra said...

Thanks Pawan, I am glad to see you on my blog again, after such a long time.

Kanakkupullai said...

Loved it! And I have a similar line of conversation based blog too. :) Intriguing to see someone who writes like me!

Abhra said...

He he, yes, I've noticed that only recently. Good, we can may be interview each other and write a combined post?

Abhra said...

Ha ha ha. What a situation? its like "Jab we met" with different story line. Poet v/s Physicist.I am waiting for your next post.

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