Come home to seven wonders~

Written as a friendly argument between two friends, following the style of other entries in this blog as a part of ‘Blogger & The Bugger’, theme, to bring out the contrast of thought processes of two closely related people – trying to find an answer where the real wonder is and what is the world in the eyes of a true explorer, for an Indiblogger contest.


“So what?”, he replied on a soothing voice, though the calmness was somewhat perturbed but the suddenness of an unformed question.

“Where are you heading next? You are the one of those people who have literally made this world a global village by crossing the path of international date more often than others have just said the word.”

“Err! I don’t know, pretty much depends on the office. Most of my trips are made at the last moment – an you know what, it doesn’t even wait for my concern. My wife always keeps a small luggage ready for me – so she doesn’t have to rush if I come home with a ticket without telling.”

“Feels good, eh!”

“What good? Don’t you know that most flights are in the first hour, if not late night – they make a mess of my body clock with all this turmoil.”

“No, of course I understand that – comes with the job I guess, occupational hazards to be specific, but still it must feel good to see new places, meet people, know their culture and collect souvenirs from all over the world. Well, I’ve seen your drawing room and most of your collections, the souvenirs of 7 wonders, so to speak and I know they were collected from the very locations and just some shop.”

“You can say that – yes, when I started out I had no idea my job will take me to places.”

“So it’s a feel good factor – yes?”

“Well having to travel to countries at the expense of corporate – hell, why not? (smirks)”

“Good, good, as I’d have thought.”

“So what about you?”

“What about me? Pretty much the same since we last spoke.”

“Where are you travelling next time?”

“I am not going anywhere, as such. Any form of tour is mostly impulsive for me.”

“What does that suppose to mean now?”

“Meaning, I pretty much go about the same place – exploring, knowing and I get my tickets done only if I feel a strong urge from deep inside.”

“Still am not sure if I followed quite right – you go to the same place twice? What is the fun in that?”

“Because I’m in love with Himalayas and I made a promise to myself to explore it. However, till date that’s not complete. As a matter of fact, a whole life is not enough compared to the vastness.”

“Sure it is – I’d have thought? Just some mountains and mist and greenery – what else is there to see?”

“Said like a true world traveller now, undermining things not packaged well for tourism?”

“I’ve been to European Alps, Andes and Rocky mountains. There is a difference in their nature – some are more green in contrast to being rocky but that fairly sums it up.”

“There you go - you said it again.”

“There is something that you aren’t telling me, are you?”


“No, don’t do that. Don’t hold back from me. I want to hear your side of story.”

“This isn’t like mine or your side of story, it is about how much you can actually open yourself up to see beyond what eyes can see, think beyond what you have been told to expect.”

“Okay, interesting, so far.”

“And it gets more on its way.”

“Sure it does – now tell me where is this leading to.”

“Give me some human emotions – strong or weak doesn’t matter, but something that you could relate to.”

“Okay, from what I’ve on top of my head – love, hate, anxiety, fear, grief and homesickness.”

“That’s near perfect list of strongest human emotions and the others would be joy, surprise, gratitude and shame.”

“So, what does that prove?”

“It doesn’t prove anything as yet – but I’ve come to realize over years that those emotions aren’t human emotions only – if you are close to nature – you can see a portrayal of those on a bigger canvas and that is what I have set out to explore. How about these for seven wonders?”

191857_1986036176960_571487_o                                                Trust

63297_1641888533484_7517997_n                                                  Fear

200841_1990674972927_945773_o                                                  Faith









“Some fabulous shots for sure – I never knew you had so much of photography in you.”

“That’s not the point – I am asking if you actually followed the train of thoughts?”

“Oh! most certainly, yes, you have put some sense in me..”

“Then let me show you something more vivid.”

“There is something more vivid than these photographs?”

“The photos are just a hint and more like a tip of an iceberg. Bigger surprises waits for you and trust me when I say it’s as close to reality as you can get right now – a video. It’s not that you just have to see it but more like follow it.”


The Explorer

“Wow, you created it?”

“No, the nature created, I merely made the video because wanted to add a soul to the depiction of my journey with some music – to make it more apt – make it say thing that word couldn’t.”

“I don’t know about others – but it has amazed me, because honestly, I’d otherwise not have stopped on my way to take a closer look at all those and now I realize what I miss. It has shaken my belief in a way that I can not confront about it anymore with arrogance. It made me feel that we are not machines. I thought I had seen the world – but you are the real explorer my friend, the video is an eye opener for me.”

“I am not alone – and this is like a never-ending quest, to peace, to serenity, to divinity and there is no stopping, as a true sage rightly says, the amazement continues as you move on.”

“But there is something I have to ask – the roads that you have taken so far – are they all friendly and smooth?”

“Quite the contrary – at some places there aren’t even proper roads, more like a gravel drive.”

“Oh! and they never stopped you?”

“Well, as much as potential blockers they are, stand as no barrier when it comes to your will power and of course you may have the grandeur and oozing power of an SUV on your side. Tata Safari has been a trusted companion; but your most valuable friend will be your feet and your mind. It will then be only you and the mighty nature.”

“I am sure that I’d be following your footsteps soon.”

“It’s not my footsteps that you have to follow. You can find your own path, your own destiny and it is only after you set out, you can find many who are inclined to think your way.”


“Come home to wonders, and more.”

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Photo Credits: Reetam Banerjee


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