Let’s rape

A continuation in the blogger and the bugger series, with the most burning and relevant topic of society, following the incident with the photo journalist in Mumbai. Just one request to the reader, please don’t be alarmed at the title – this is no hate speech, please continue to read till the end. May be then it will make some sense.

“So, any plans for the weekend so far?”

“No, why – what are you up to?”

“Something fun, refreshing and adventurous! What do you say?”

“Ah that! Well, I can think of something.”

“Wow, whatever it is, I am game.”

“Okay, let’s rape.”


“You heard me.”

“Have you totally lost it?”

“Well, you asked for something fun, refreshing and adventurous – seemed like a good idea at the time. Given the options to choose a woman from young to old, it’d be fun, refreshing and surely something we have never done before.”

“What’s wrong with you, dude (shakes head furiously)? We are educated people of 21st century!!”

“So what, who says educated people of 21st century don’t rape?”

“It’s not that they don’t but it’s….”


“Yeah! By all means-”

“There are countries in this very planet, where it is not considered to an offence and I can give you facts.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you don’t want to do it because it is illegal? Last I knew, you have not been a strict follower of rules when it comes to other things.”

“No, may be I am not strictly a law abiding person, but there is more to it of course.”

“Like, what?”

“How can you be asking such questions - you surely have women at home?”

“Even if I do, can’t deem every women around me as my mother of sister and suppress my formidable lust?”

“Enough said – (shrugs) – I thought you were a friend. I don’t want to hear another word from your rotten mouth.”

“Do you now? It was you who wanted to do something fun and extraordinary – what I gave you fits very well. Just think you want to do it and you can probably do it. Who gets caught and sentenced for rape in this country. I just don’t seem to understand why are you so upset about it. Keep an open mind.”

“Another word and I am leaving…..(mutters)”

“Calm down – don’t lose your temper, just give me a good reason why are you so upset?”

“(Does n’t say a word)”

“There must be more to it than the law or having women in the house – don’t you think?”

“There surely is – but how would I know as a man?”

“Exactly the point I was trying to make you feel. We men can’t. We can’t imagine the agony no matter how much we empathize. We, my friend, have no idea how many times a woman is pushed to the edges even if she is not literally raped – we don’t have the slightest idea how she feels when greasy hands grope her body parts amidst heavy crowd or how she is humiliated when the ogling pair of eyes takes off her clothes with a crude smirk on their face. Only a handful of incidents are reported and even fewer comes into notice – but we have no idea how many actually go the stigma everyday. I was just provoking you to think.”

“(Nods) Somehow you always make your point. You have a weird sense of logic, so to speak.”

“I don’t deny that I am not the straight thinkers and I deliberately did it to make you come outside your boundary and think. I will continue to do that to other people as well.”

“Don’t you think your idea of revolution is just words? Would this give a justice to a woman? Would this punish the guilty?”

“Probably not – but you see, it’s not only punishment that I am after. I am bringing in a thought leadership.”

“Wait a minute – you want a rapist to reign free? Lay hands on other women again?”

“I didn’t say that – punishment is necessary to set an example but it alone won’t solve the problem to its very core. There are bigger things at stake here.”

“I am lost, once again. I thought you were an advocate of capital punishment?”

“Capital punishment is not something a nation of conscience will every completely advocate, on the contrary, remorse is the most powerful element, that can change a person from deep within and be far more effective than any other form of punishment.”

“And you believe all those men who victimized women, would fall for it? Would you prey to their good self?”

“I strongly believe so. Most rapes happen in the mind first and believe me when I say there is no refuge from memory in this world and there is no whip stronger than that of remorse.”

“Okay, but you said punishment alone can’t solve the problem. If not punishment, then what?”

“Oh! If you ask me I’d look forward to live the day when men look up to women with respect and not look down as an object. The ask is simple – we have to invest in the future. We can punish one rapist severely but that won’t eradicate rape once and forever. It is not an isolated incident. It is a society that our ancestors have given us and it is upon us to set things right.”

“In the future?”

“Yes, my friend, to the next generation, who will someday be responsible citizen. Nothing pays more than long term calculated investment. If we teach them today what is right, they will live up to protect it.”

“But you alone can’t do nothing! As I said earlier – it’s mere words.”

“Not entirely. I have a good many thousand friends on social media. I can spread my thoughts through them and they in turn to their circles. I can see so many posts that are burning with hatred, but that’s incomplete per say. I’ll challenge their thoughts.”

“Well, I am going to hold the torch for you my friend. I am going to write about it.”

“Good luck with that. We need to be hopeful”

“There is always something to hope for.”

“Even more so in the dark times.”


C Suresh said...

Well written and well thought

Abhra said...

Thank you sir, welcome to my blog and I am happy to know that you like it.

annucool15 said...

Well written post that makes us think. Hope and faith are necessary and so is an action that really solves this tote core.  I understand why you liked my post, let's keep the hope alive!

Abhra said...

Thank you, it was written from men's perspective to create a difference in the thought process. I am glad to hear that you like it.

Indrani said...

The post is good, somehow I am not liking the title to the post. A different perspective.

Abhra said...

Sorry, I know it is appalling but I could n't come up with a better phrase that would create a wave of thoughts - I wanted to attack the sanity and provoke people to think and since you have read the post in entirety, I hope you have got the message I am working on. I am glad you like the post.

Anonymous said...

Even living in 21st century and educated still most of the men are low on moral and ethical values..But the hope still remains and most importantly holding onto that hope and working towards betterment will surely change the scenario..

Unknown said...

Very well written and hitting the nail

Ankita Singhal @ A piece I wrote...

Abhra said...

True, but it is a problem with their upbringing. That is something one needs to start for a change. That is where the hope is hidden. It is sad that our generation doesn't have the moral education.

Abhra said...

Thank you Ankita - I am happy to hear it coming from a woman, at least I have not failed then.

Anonymous said...

This is one thought provoking article I read .. absurd ..unusual and so very logical .. and hopeful!

Abhra said...

Thanks. Sometimes we have to think out of the box to prove a point, don't we?

Mahasweta Ray said...

Good food for thought.
Shall wait for more :)

Unknown said...

Beautifully written, though the title was rakish.
Raised pertinent questions and provided thought-provoking answers. Looking forward to your next post :)

Abhra said...

Thanks Mahasweta! Sure, there is more to come.

Abhra said...

Thank you - yes, as you can see that the title was a part of the thought process. A lot more to come.

Unknown said...

good one

Abhra said...

Thanks, glad you like it.

Ashwini C N said...

Appreciate your thought. But the problem is the number of people in Social Media is comparatively less when compared to the population. And even in Social Media, a few days after the issue and everything is forgotten. But at least we get to do something about it here.

Abhra said...

I agree - yes, the number is much less than the populace, but if if we stir a concept among one person, that is supposed to create an impulse among his/her social circle, that is going to create a vibe - it will not all go unnoticed beyond the boundaries of social networks, that is what I wanted to bring out here. I think more than any punishment the bigger social change is a must.

Bedaanga Sarma said...

Nice one

Abhra said...

Thanks Bedanga, it's nice to see you in my blog.

Jeena R. Papaadi said...

The title had me a little worried, but it served its purpose. I *had* to read what the blog was about.
I appreciate your intentions behind this post. Every little step taken is a step towards success.

Abhra said...

Jeena, thank you so much. Yes, I agree that the title was a very deliberate attempt to instigate some more readership than I usually would get, because everyone is writing about it and they are virtually writing the same thing. I wanted to bring out some difference, create a wave of thought so that readers can align themselves to it. More than any punishment, I look forward to a better tomorrow and that won't come unless everyone joins hand.

Anonymous said...

This is called hitting the nail on the head. Kudos...spot on.

Abhra said...

Thanks Koustav! Your support means a lot to me.

Unknown said...

Reminds me of how we sang "Ret mein... baarish ki pehli boond..." to the tunes of Nirvana's "Rape Me...".

Btw, the people who read this blog are probably not your target audience; its a tough ask for this thought to reach that place unless we get out of the social media mode and actually get social.

Abhra said...

Sahi me, mujhe bhi woh yaad aya. You are right in saying that the actual target audience might not have read this but you never know how an idea can emerge, spread across. May be someone who read this and shared and it reached a wider audience. This happens to be the highest rated post in my blog.

Smritilekha C said...

Not a subscriber of the ideology of 'remorse'; does not happen to everyone. Our job is not to protect the criminals till their lust turns into remorse. 'Cause when true remorse arises, after such crime, I think he'd choose Ram Singh's way. If he's not, then, he's still fearful; not remorseful.
Besides, in any civilized society, letting those criminals roam free is putting other fellow citizens at risk. We can not leave the lives of others at risk because the nation wants to play 'humanist', the 'international way'. Our path should follow the way of our Gods. As our holy books suggest the duty of the kings & the rules of governing a nation- "Sad rakshanaye, khal nigrahanaye" (Protect the righteous & destroy the evil)!

Abhra said...

No I understand where you are coming from - and if you read through, I have never said that the culprits have to forgiven. All I am saying is that punishment will not suffice alone. We need to think twice how these criminals are born? They are a part of the social framework we have set up and punishing them will not stop others from taking their place. I think we have a bigger problem at hand.

Unknown said...

Very well written...

Abhra said...

Thank you - I am glad to see positive feedback coming on this article. This may be a way to spread a good message.

Jyotsna Bhatia said...

This one is hard hitting for sure !!

Abhra said...

Thank you, I hoped the title to cause some stir.

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