Thank God it's Friday~

“You know what my friend (took a long breath after saying this) - these are dark times. I wish I could say that a storm was coming.”

“(shaking his head) For once, be original! Every time you borrow a catch phrase from a film title or dialogues for that matter, I feel duped. If you aspire to be Shakespeare, at least be original.”

“Eh! It’s not as bad compared to what I am referring to, and you know that yourself.”

“Enlighten me?”

“What - you are asking me that? Do you have the slightest idea how many people are going to lose their jobs? I just saw the news and was struck with horror.”

“It’s okay that people are losing job and not hope.”

“That’s what I was trying to tell you – only figuratively.”

“Are you still worried that the market is not stable? We have already seen like what – two recessions now? I think we are prepared to see a few more!”

“Don’t you keep your eyes open – we are blinded by the sugarcoating on ugly truth. Our economy is in the drains; illiterate or not, our politicians are audacious coercer of wealth; women are getting raped – and even children, you can’t rise up to anything in protest, for somehow or the other you will be silenced - even an IAS officer gets sacked for fighting the mafia. This is not good time for anything!!”

“It’s not good or bad - there is a time for everything. If you wait for something better, you will keep on waiting and the right time would never come.”

“Right but what if I lose my job?”

“You always have a better option. You can write.”

“Huh! What do you think that I would be able to write after all this?”

“I cannot see why not. Nowadays none of the writers are poor; none of them have to struggle to make both ends meet, rather all in white collar jobs or highly paid advertising endorsements. Have you seen any writer with beard and starved face? Whoever you name, you would find him or her in well honed metro-sexual looks. Gone are those days when writing had something to do with struggle.”

“I can’t win an argument over you; but enough about me, what would you be if I am a writer?”

“I would be a chauffeur. I am not skilled at anything like you, but at least I can drive. Even in recession rich people are buying Mercedes and BMW – because they are never affected by a crisis. I will find any one of them. It will earn me a modest living and the good part is I will get to drive a BMW. Though I guess, I’ll have to ask for a cap from my employer. My hair is falling. A cap will keep my baldness from showing.”

“You and your logistics never follow straight lines, huh?”

“Well, you never see the brighter side of life. You’ll perhaps be cheered up when I tell you that our country is not so poor after all – we are rich of something, which no other nation is.”

“I can’t believe you are going to give me the ethnic heritage lecture now!”

“Ah! But it is not that – it’s something else!!!”

“And what might that be?”



“Yes, as in Deoxyribonucleic acid – the so called blue print of our genetics.”

“Yeah I know that – but how?”

“Well, you see so many people spitting, pissing and shitting in the wide open, I mean even in the cities of concrete jungle – that is making India very abundant of human DNA after all.”

“You and your sarcasms – they will never stop, would they?”

“You know what - this entire nuisance called politics, the plummeting economy, and the jeopardized social balance, you shouldn’t be worried about them – rather be inspired with the irony it offers us – there is more to it than what meets our eye”

“I’m just fed up of everything. I am tired – I just cannot think of anything that will cheer me up.”

“Another glass of beer may be?”

“Unlike you – I don’t find a solution of everything in a glass of beer, mind it!”

“Thank god you didn’t say ‘Yanna rasacala’ and thumped on the table.”

Both of us then looked at the almost emptied glasses of beer in front of us and laughed heartily - waving to the waiter for another round. It was clearly beer talk. Beer made us open our mind; beer gave us freedom of speech, and not just for the first time – we were just ourselves, trying to find out solutions to problems, which otherwise we never could. Thank God, it was Friday, again.



Aersh said...

ahh.. wish i had more of those times on friday.. i wish had time anyway!!

extremely well written with sharp sarcasm… i love good sarcasm. will die for it!!

and my favourite line of the post: "A cap will keep my baldness from showing”

humour is the simplest sense is the best humour of it all! so much like O Henry and Saki!! This post reminded me of heir works

Abhra said...

Thank you for your encouraging words - tells me that at least I am heading somewhere. Yes, I agree with what you say about sarcasm - would die for it too. I am trying to write a series of posts - in the form of conversations.

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