Happy Doctors' Day

(via Facebook July 01, 2013 at 08:50PM)

Having noticed from some of the random status updates that showed up in Facebook news feed today (1st of July) - that it is indeed National Doctors’ Day in India – I thought of wishing my cousin brother,
who is not only a doctor but also a great inspiration to me since childhood in more than one ways, only to find that on the very same time another news of a doctor in a certain hospital in Kolkata being slapped by an agitated (somewhat politically backed up) patient's relative in full view of many spectators was on its way to be an even bigger news, for the same was actually caught on a surveillance footage and then I refrained myself from wishing my brother in a public social networking platform.

This was no isolated incident for some doctors have indeed come adrift from the supreme goal of their profession by malpractice and that in turn made the patients and their families hostile - though the outburst that we come across are often out of context. An irony at so many levels, I said to myself. Perhaps this is the most prominent of all traits in our surroundings off late and if writers had to take inspiration from life, there would be plenty. 

"Hope we hold good faith for our saviors in future and doctors live up to the respect. Salute to Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the legendary physician – hope you don’t become only a name we honour but also a pioneer, whose principles will be observed in true sense for greater good."
I am sure that my brother would agree no less. 


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