I am just another Indian blog. Why I stress on being "Indian", is because we carry an air of 'Indianization' around ourselves, like those very few brands that makes India a name to the outside world, say the Indian spices for example. We, Indian blogs, are a mighty number if you are rely on our population figure. We have stories, poems, motivators, protests, sports, technology, finance, healthcare, parenting - what not, you name a domain, we have a footprint there. However, I am just an anecdotal blog and there is nothing out of ordinary about me. Still if you are reading this page, then I guess you are interested in finding out that very ordinary story about me. So here it goes.

I was born sometime in 2006, when my creator, virtually clueless about blogging in those days, brought me to life to kill his idle hours in workplace and named me after a book of same name he read in his childhood, by Pyari Charan Sarkar, which was a funny little book of learning English. It only seemed funny that he was out of creativity when it came to choosing a suitable title for his own blog and borrowed one. I guess this is a psychological thing for bloggers, who try to relate to catch phrases, because they think this gives them edge. 

However, considering how old I am, you won't find as many posts in here. A lot has happened to the country and its people and their blogging since I was born and goes without saying that I am no exception to stop that surge of socioeconomic factors at the onset of writing. My creator, this otherwise very common and quintessentially Indian intellectual, having suffered through a lot of self conflict along the walk of life, deleted most of the old posts, put me through a lot restructuring, styling  and created a separate blog for serious writing (which he thinks is creative). So here I am, still not abandoned by my owner, but not as glorious or as popular, as I could have been, had he remain focused on my well being. He keeps me alive because he has to write his trifles somewhere. Though I suffer from lack of nourishment from time to time, when take a backseat from blogging. 

All I can say is - after years of struggle - I finally found my place and came to believe that life is beautiful no matter what. Any type of readers - sensible or hostile, knowledgeable or ignorant, appreciative or abusive, protective or indifferent, are welcome. Oh! A big thanks to you for reading this far and stopped halfway through considering it a crap. My gratitude to you won't pass through as a silent sigh but responded warmly if you leave your comments (or else I'd have little chances to know who have come and read this).



Anonymous said...

The first of it's kind About Me. Truly!

Abhra Pal said...

Anoop, thank you so much - you seem to be the first blogger to have noticed this. It means a lot of support and encouragement.

Anunoy Samanta said...

Well, would you mind asking Abhra the uncanny reasons for deleting old posts...?

Abhra Pal said...

He he, no I won't mind - there are so many reasons, but most importantly - they weren't structured in a way I'd really want them to be....and I am keeping this blog for some specific set of posts only.

Anonymous said...

I like it! Innovative! Indian!


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